Kesz’ laudable journeys

Photo credits: Philippine Daily Inquirer

By far, the most accomplished boy in the Philippines with an inspiring story to share is one which is woven by a Cavite City streetkid named Chris “Kesz” Valdez, aged 13. Kesz is figuratively and literally an unknown little and brave young man who did what others may see as unthinkable and unprecedented. Undaunted by the sheer impact his efforts has made on more than 10,000 streetkids he has also helped, Kesz dreamed to be a doctor for one day, he will cure and heal. Actually, even as of now, Kesz is a doctor who heals our battered nation. He is one who evokes confidence back to where our sullen state has befallen us. Kesz’ laudable journeys are our inspirations!

I have known Kesz after newswires were abuzz with this whiz Filipino kid who won the 2012 International Children Peace Prize and a trophy handed to him by South African Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Archbishop Desmund Tutu.  His message to the children of the world is very strong, one which will forever immortalize as an example of a fighting spirit, of bravery to take on all the odds to survive on the streets everywhere.

As I reflect on what Kesz’ amazing journey had been in this world, I asked why a 13 year old kid, who saw poverty in the eye, who shares hope to the hopeless on the streets in Cavite City, can ever think of a noble act of kindness and making this bear fruits which is replicated and has since, become an inspiration to many. His idea is very lucid as it is very rewarding, giftgiving toys, flip-flops, sweets and cloths to children on the street. This in fact challenges the very culture we wanted to resolve as a nation, that mendicancy should never be applauded but what Kesz has proven is the sheer impact a kind-heart can bring to those who were left behind in the fast and dizzying pace of development and progress.

Kesz laudable journeys helped thousands of children to rise up above poverty and fight their way to a society so battered with the mammoths of poverty and hopelessness. His story beacons for us Filipinos the rare opportunity to help and not expect something in return, to share and care, nurture and feed future. Kesz has shown us the best example there can be in this world and he embraces the principles laid down by my professor, the foremost democracy icon, Jovy Salonga, in which Kesz’ journeys are the “intangibles that make this nation great!”

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