Yukio and the wind that blew the pup

Hi, my name is Yukio! (Feb. 29-September 25, 2012)

The grieving kicks in when I received an SMS message from the veterinarian who looked after Yukio at the hospital. The prior diagnosis was dire and it was, according to her, a parvo virus. I buoyed my hopes on his recovery when he still recognizes me when he was already in the dextrose drips. As was our habit together, I see him in the morning at the clinic and then in the late afternoon before I head home. I already felt the emptiness in the house the day he was in the hospital and in drips. I kept a silent prayer and chanced on each day light to allow me to see him progress more into full recovery.

I dreaded the word parvo in dogs and I had my first taste of it when it hit my Yukio. Never had I known that the neighbour’s dog has parvo two weeks prior to Yukio’s and I suspect, he got it from there. Neighbours still, we kept tabs on our dogs and unfortunately, not on this dreaded disease. It came as a surprise.

Yukio is a Japanese name for a son which literally means “the son who gets everything”, which fortunately, when he was still alive; he gets everything and gets away with anything, whether good or bad. I spoiled him like a son.

I am Yukio and I play with Travey 🙂

Today, I grieve for the passing on of my beloved Yukio, and sorely misses the moments he wakes me up, tail-wagging and usually, the kind who loves to be cuddled and he rests his head on my shoulders. He is one who keeps tab on me in the house and does not want me to pounced on my computer when I get home, as if saying, its “my-time” moments with dada now. So, since he came into my life, I stopped writing in the house, in fact, he altered my lifestyle, to say the best. He taught me to be home early, enjoy the simplicity of being with him, just him. While in bed, in our sleep, he has the ability to snug fit into my arms and rest peacefully. He loves to be hugged and in our bed-time moments while sleeping, never did Yukio pissed on the bed, pooed on the mattress or the comforter, he knows where to and that is the lawn.

My training of Yukio is fairly simple. He has been housebroken since he arrived, though placed in his enclosure, the practice and he knew that by heart: when I am at home, he is on the house, not on the enclosure and without a leash. I never even leashed him, not even once. He followed me everytime, I felt safe and comfortable with that. He doesn’t bother me with so much but always manages to wiggle his tail and jumps at me whenever we play tug-o-war with his toy or play catch with his toy too. I pampered him like a son, a brother and a bestfriend. I had a full-life, he too. We are inseparable and he always had his way of punishing me too, for being away too long.

Yukio loves to play his toy dinasaur until he ripped his tail off.

I had a first taste of his disciplining me which I was caught by surprise when upon arriving from Hong Kong, he usually jumped at me and we hugged. I carried him throughout the 30 minutes I arrived home and he just comfortably rests his head on my shoulders. Never attempted to go down but just enjoying my time with him after a long trip. He has his mind set on my poor Havaianas. By bed time, I was woken up when he just bitten my slipper and stopped, went back to sleep and waited for me to know the following day.

He has a peculiar attitude so to speak, as a dog. Yukio is one who enjoys being carried around, not being pulled around. He also insists on guarding me when I take the shower and waited for me getting dressed. He is one who also wants to see me often than other people, very Yukio to jump when he heard my voice even when I am outside the house. He has his attitude, yes, but I relish it, I cherished it, I valued it. That made him stand-out as part of my life.

Yukio thinks: “Dada, look, i am sleeping like a prince!”

Of late, Yukio has preferred to eat on my palms than on his food dish. I love it when Yukio eat from my palm and like a son who plays around, kept running around the kitchen table, then come back to eat more. I patiently waited for us to be done with dinner then it’s time for another play-time before we both hit the sack.

Yukio’s life is a protected one. I don’t allow him to walk on muddy roads, I carried him and he liked it. He liked the feel of getting to see the world from my vantage sight than his rather lower sight. He loved to be carried on my shoulders on motorcycle as we bought BBQs and he just climb on my chest whenever he fears the air on his furred face every time we ride the tricycle. We love to be on each other’s arms; sort of reassuring ourselves we have each other’s life to rely on.

Yukio levitating on our lawn, his most loved past-time 🙂

One time, while reading in bed and Yukio was beside me fighting off sleepiness, he just casually nibbled on the edge of my book and take it off my grip and then jumped on my chest, kissed me then slept. It is his way of reminding me it is now time to rest. If he felt something not cool, he stood at my chest and as if protecting me, barked and barked.

In one of his early socializing experience, we went malling and without a leash, he just followed me around. He gamely plays with people but kept an eye on me and whenever I went off, he hurriedly followed, tail-wagging again. He adores many people of his friendliness but does not want to lose sight of me, I love that. Quite a traveller too, the first time Yukio arrived from Iligan City, we went on to take a dip at Isla Puting Balas with my fellow travel bloggers and I love that.

Just our usual sleeping position in our bed

One dinner time, while dining for a pork liempo with my elder brother in a restaurant, Yukio needs to drink water. Since he was accustomed drinking water on his silver-tin dish and when I gave him water in a blue ice-cream plastic container, he simply will not drink, no, never. He ended up having to wait until we get home, me getting cold water from the fridge and on to his dish, he drinks.

My Yukio is an artist assistant too. When I went back painting, he accompanied me even in the wee hours trying to paint and sometimes, I splatter paints on his white fur, he doesn’t mind. Tomorrow, as if to him, we will both go to the shower. Our habit is to get to the shower together, and get out but as usual, he has the longest grooming. I had to blow-dry his coat, combed it and just make him looked clean and fresh. It was Yukio who made me go up to the mall and bought a hair-dryer. I am perfectly fine with that, I did it for him.

Yukio and Dada as being taken by a fellow travel blogger, Ayann Villafuerte

When the day came in that he was sick, he just slept on our bed and I covered him in our comforter while I prepare some of my stuffs. He just stares at me. I went to the second floor of the house to get something, he joined me and just stood by me and then came back again to the room. He slept under the comforters, I was packing.

The only thing about I and my Yukio is our ability to talk to each other. I talked to him every time I go to the office and promises to be back early. He understands me when I talked to him, not words but sentences, though he prefers English than the vernacular. But every time I came home, his trait is to make me carry him thrice before he wants to explore the lawn to pee and poo. That was our practice since and until his last breath.

Yukio on a dextrose drippings at the vet clinic after I have brought him in for admission

An adoring dog, Yukio just simply inspires me to live my life even if it is unstable. He taught me life’s lessons of happiness, joy, peace and simplicity. He taught me courage, determination and guidance. He taught me substance and grace. He taught me humility and dependency, he taught me well. He taught me bearings even if my world seemed unpredictable. Yukio was with me when I received my annulment notice from the wife. He was with me when I said it was only the two of us from that time on. Bearably, he made life easy and with direction.

Yukio is visibly shaken and afraid with an IV dripping on his left leg. Still brave, he does not show any weakness when with his Dada

Though I may grieved, I welcome his passing on and as I so wanted, he rested in peace inside our lawn, near our bed room to keep me near him at night and day. On this day that he died, in the morning I woke up, I heard a single bark, very distinctly Yukio and said to myself, I may be hallucinating and dismiss it. Little did I knew that it will be his last bark, his last hurrah, his farewell and last good bye. He was at the clinic, I was at the house.

When I have chosen where he will finally rest, inside our lawn, near our room, I welcome Yukio inside his home and noticed that his eyes were open. I wrapped his favourite blanket around his tiny body and touch his forehead and eyes to close, yes, he closed it as if saying, “dada, I am home”. I swirl my finger on his ears, it is still soft and I can just trying to hold on to my happy memories when my Yukio is with me. Said to my heart, “yes Yukio, you are now finally home, rest well”.

Yukio is finally back home as if saying, “Dada, I am home now”, of which I replied deep in my heart, “yes you are Yukio my son, you are home now, rest well”. Rest in Peace my beloved Yukio

Yes, I cried and for someone so closed to a dog, they understand how I felt and I am grateful of the people who shared in my loss. I consider Yukio not a dog to be treated like a dog, but treated him like a son, a friend, a brother and a family. I loss a part of mine which I know will take time to heal and only time will ever heal the gaping hole left by his passing on.

To my beloved Yukio, rest in peace my son. Enjoy the blissful sunshine at the rainbow bridge and until the time we shall see each other again, I know it will and I know you will.

Yukio resting on his Dada’s shoulders, weeks before he passed away due to parvovirus

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46 thoughts on “Yukio and the wind that blew the pup

  1. Thanks for sharing the story of Yukio Doc Wends. I can’t stop my tears from falling, the moment I read this entry. I had experience grieving when my dog Bingo lost when I was a kid and from then on, I never attempted to find a new one because that dog (my best friend) is irreplaceable.

    Yukio, Rest in Peace.

    • Thank you for your kind words and for reading through. I am also deciding to get a new one or not. I am still devastated actually.

      Yukio is irreplaceable, just like your dog Bingo. 😦

  2. Condolence, Doc Wends. It reminds me of the movie Bwakaw. The dog got sick in the movie and Eddie Garcia’s character treats Bwakaw as his bestfriend and constant buddy. Not really a pet lover, but I do understand the attachment. I’m sure he’s in a good place now watching over you. Hope you’re ok now 🙂

    • thanks Mica. I never had know about the movie until you share that now. I am still nursing a heavy heart from losing him today. Guess it takes time to heal and try harder to move on each day, without Yukio waking me up at 5.30AM.

  3. My deepest condolences Wends. I can feel you! I used to have a japanese pitz and when she died, it really broke my heart. I was devastated for a while. Get a new bestfriend Wend. It can help.

    • Thanks Olan and will have to think deeply about it. I will get one siguro when I am pass grieving stage already, ung ready na ako.

      Thanks for sharing your dog story too. I appreciated it

  4. I shouldn’t have read the article as I knew the pain I’ll feel if I read it, sadly I did and I am teary-eyed. Been there and I have felt the same pain. Yukio is in safe hands now, Doc. He’ll be happy watching you from “dog heaven”.

  5. nomadicexperiences

    I dread the same thing happening to my dog. Reading this, i am glad yukio had you as his friend and owner. He really did lived a great life any dog can have. Dog is the most faithful creature, but in this case, ur also faithful to him. Hope everyone is like you Doc, to treat every animals like a human being. RIP Yukio.

    • Salamat Marky. I have had been inside the great memories loop with Yukio was around. Its painful but I want to dwell in his greatness and free-spirited state.

      I know you are to Jack as I was with Yukio.

  6. He seemed to have lost weight at the clinic. and the look on his eyes just broke my heart. my own japanese spitz is sleeping now and I’m going to stare at him differently tonight onwards. you’ve been so blessed, doc, to have had Yukio.

  7. Eileen/ Possibly Pinay

    I’m so sorry doc. Parvo took a dog of oursnwhen I was in 6th grade and almost took our now15 and a half old spitz. It’s never easy to lose a pet, new owner or not I grew up with dogs and losing one is lIke losi a brother or a sister.
    I feel your pain and I am truly sorry. It’ll take a while, but it will get better.

    • Thanks Eileen, that is reassuring and I know, as the days go by, I will be better. I have just done sanitizing the house of the virus and hope i’d be healed of the pains.

      I am blessed with my Yukio as is with your Spitz too.

  8. Its really a great loss. A great loss indeed. The moment that I knew about this, I was very shocked. I cant explain what I felt. The pain 😦 I was responsible for Yukio and his dada to meet and I also had this inevitable bond with Yukio. I loved this dog and it pains me a lot to be not there in his last breath. I am missing you now Yukio 😦

    • Salamat kaau Nick. It was you who brought him home and we went to the beach, Yukio had the greatest fun. He was enjoying the scenery and the bag you placed him, naa pa sa house.

      I sorely missed Yukio and i know you are too. 😦

  9. I never cried when Eco had parvo, seeing my dog sick each day is devastating, but I have no choice but to be strong. The vet already told me the 80% possibility that he won’t survive, because there’s really no cure for it. Yukio’s passing made me cry, not only because his death was sudden, but I’ve been more grateful of knowing how strong Eco and the fact that we have more chance to love each other. Yukio might have physically left you, but the unconditional love that he gave and taught you will be forever marked in your heart. Take the time to heal and let your heart decide on whether you are already prepared to have another dog; that you can love regardless of his similarities and differences to Yukio.

    • Thanks alot for your comments Poi. I saw Eco with you even through the photos you shared and as you saw my Yukio too, I was inspired the moment you told me Eco survived parvo. Unfortunately, my Yukio didn’t survived it and that had me thinking deep.

      I saw pups way younger than Yukio who has parvo too, at the clinic however they survived and mine did not. I take solace at the thought that my Yukio wanted to come home with me and in me, inside my heart and forever we are together.

      As I have said, we are inseparable since he came into my life. 😦

  10. =|
    theres something in those doggie eyes

  11. John Mangadap

    May those memories give you strength doc, my deepest sympathy on the lost of yukio.

  12. He has served his purpose in this world. God-given gift to your life

  13. Sorry to hear about it Doc. You wrote it so beautifully and i must admit the first time i read it, about 6.30am today, i teared up it was on my google chrome tab up to now, when i can finally comment. Cheers to Yukio, and to his great Dada Keep up the fighting spirit Doc. We’re here for you

  14. I happened on to your blog and read your story about Yukio. I am so sorry for your loss. It is never easy to part with a dear and beloved friend. We just lost our Lab of 15 years a month ago. I still think about her each day and I still shed tears each day.

    Your Yukio was a beautiful dog. I know how much it hurts and I also know that words don’t help much in a situation like this. All I can say is that Yukio is in a better place…running and playing and looking down on you. He will always be with you and watching over you.

    One blogger friend wrote to me when my Shiloh passed on and I am going to pass it on to you…Sweet Yukio…May you find endless pastures to run free, clear, clean water to swim in and yummy food to enjoy. May you enjoy reuniting with those who crossed before you and all the others waiting to share wonderful times over the Rainbow Bridge.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Time will heal but you will never forget.

    • thanks so much for this wonderful words you shared with me and Yukio is now finally resting peacefully and playing and his soul looking down on me as my dog angel. He is such an inspiration and one whom I will always forever be indebted with.

      I am sorry for your loss too and we both share this journey as our beloved passed on in this life.

  15. touching story of a dog-owner relationship,more so,friendship. I am sorry for your loss Doc Wends 😦

  16. Witness ako sa kakulitan at sa pagka-hyper ni Yukio… Hahaha!!! I remember kung gaano nya ako tahulan when I stayed sa house mo Doc Wends… Witness din ako sa kalambingan nya… 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story with us… Truly, Yukio is not just a dog but a companion…

    Rest in Peace Yukio… You will be missed… 🙂

  17. Charity

    Hi Dr. Wenz! I saw your fb post and was confuse why you’re giving away goodies in honor for “Yukio” – what happened? the big WH question brought me here.

    bulk of tears fall down from my eyes as i was about to finish reading your blog (it squeezes my heart). I remember the day u told me about Yukio and proudly showed some pictures of him, I’ve seen the glow in your eyes and the love you have for him. You even hurriedly pack your things in the office and say I must go home early because you’re worried about Yukio (just like a Dad worried about his son).

    Really feel so sad… Rest in peace Yukio…

    Hopefully you will meet my bestfriend/sister in “dog heaven”
    her name is “Narda” – a short lady dog with a smooth, tight & short black shiny coat with a white line on her chest and 2 brown dots eyebrows. I miss her so much.

    Yukio is a great dog dr. wenz, you’re so blessed to have him!

  18. Dr. Wends, good afternoon! Sorry for the late comment on this post. I’ve read it yesterday, but, I was at work. I really can’t help not to cry. As you know, I really love Dogs… Don’t you know that I always wait for you to post new photos of YUKIO? It actually brightens my day to see some lovely photos of this very special dog! It’s very uplifting, that’s why I was also heart broken to find out that he got PARVO virus infection. This nasty virus killed my brother’s dog as well. I’m sure that Yukio felt how much you love him. I’m sure that if Yukio can only talk, he would be shouting out your name to every dogs and people that he’ll meet. Because, you’ve showered him with so much love. There’s really no regret, because, you took care of him, and you did your best to save him. But, life is really short in this world… Things happen for a reason. I just wanna thank you for sharing YUKIO’s life with us. I admire you bro, and I’ll pray to the Lord for His guidance and strength, so you could cope up soon. To YUKIO, you will never be forgotten, cute-little fella!

    • thanks JoMi for your generous comments and the process of healing for me gets by, strangely and painfully each day as I wake up without him by my head. The painful reality now is that Yukio is not there anymore to kiss me to sleep, and wake me up by 5.30 in the morning. He has his penchant of waking me up to play and we do each morning. I have always made it a point to come early from work so we can play. Even if I am late coming home, sometimes, midnight, I will have to spend an hour playing with Yukio and it has become a pattern for both us already.

      I noticed too that he will always lead me to the bedroom when time to sleep already. He always made me feel blessed and though a dog, I will forever cherished him as a son.

  19. I feel you sir wend…. i once had a japanese spits just like yukio… and he died…. he died… food poisoning…. yukio’s story truly breaks my heart….

  20. I’m so sad to hear about poor Yukio! It’s never easy to lose a friend. May he rest in peace.

  21. edward larubis

    Dell, nice one. It reminds me of my dog Chao-chao. She died when I was in Korea. Often, I hear my dog barking while talking to my wife in the internet even though she already passed away. Dr. Onir Soria and the rest of the veterinary guys in the province of zambo sur have also shared their time caring the dog for some vaccination with our first family dog. She was born exactly the same date when I was born. Dogs have unique character beyond our own understanding. I miss my lovely dog just like you.

    • thank you sir for the connection you have had with your dog and i know like my Yukio, they are now in rainbow bridge playing.

      I wished you well wherever you are sir and i hope to see you sometime when you are here 🙂

  22. Just found out about Yukio’s death doki… so sad… i hope u feel better now. ayo ayo kanunay… emma (i read ur post thru ronzelle’s fb). 😦

  23. read your status in fb doc wends:( sad. He is not just a pet, he is a true friend…

    • Journeys and Travels

      thanks Jeffrey. Yes, my Yukio is more than just a pet. thanks for dropping by.

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