Photo Sunday: The incense of it all

A local lights an incense at the A-ma Temple in Macau

Visiting Macau recently has made my religious observance closer to the temples and the faithful to the Goddess Matzu, the goddess of the sea and the seafarers. Such was my experience that I have stepped into the past of Macau, where it was believed that the original name of which Macau is known for came from this temple, the A-ma temple which dates back to as early as the 17th century. This one has our tour guide demonstrate to us how to light incense and offering them to the goddess for good voyage and good fortune. I am enthralled at how rich the religious history of China and it expanded to its coastal cities including Macau which was ruled by Portugal but in 1998, turned over back to China.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Sunday: The incense of it all

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