Ancestry and Pedigree: The Lorenzo Ancestral House in Bukidnon

The Lorenzo Ancestral House in Bukidnon

On a visit to Dahilayan in the Province of Bukidnon, I hired the services of a habal-habal (motorcycle) driver who happens to be the barangay official of Dahilayan. Interested in open spaces rather than the zipline and the games they have at the park, I forgo these and check places of interests and gladly I was led to the unimposing but impressive historical landmark in Bukidnon, the house where the embattled former Agriculture Secretary once lived. The visit to the ancestral house gained for me a glimpse of what history has been crafted and left in this august house of a prominent landlord of Bukidnon.

The impressive architectural design impresses those who visits it

The best vantage point by far is from the entrance to the house where I saw greens and wide lawn which can accommodate a modest garden party for the politically-connected and farming family like the Lorenzos. I love the architectural design of the house which represents a Mindanaoan flair while ensuring that the base of the house will be made entirely of stones.

We were only ushered into the exterior of the house because the caretaker was not around but gladly, I am impressed of its rich history and influence in the political stability and progress of the Province of Bukidnon.

Impressive as it is stable, the Lorenzo Ancestral House in Bukidnon

I would never had thought much about the ancestral house until my guide told me that Secretary Cito Lorenzo used to lived in Bukidnon and he spent childhood times in the house quite near Dahilayan. The house nestled just along the first row of pineapple plantations which span hectares of land after land, planted and reaped with the best pineapples in the world.

Cito Lorenzo is a former Agriculture Secretary in the Philippines who has scandals attached to his name. He may not be one to be too detached with the fertilizer scam but this house portends stability and genteel attributes, the best Cito has wield by far, of which, serves best to his advantage.

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4 thoughts on “Ancestry and Pedigree: The Lorenzo Ancestral House in Bukidnon

  1. It looks so nice Doc Wends. I would want to grow up in a house like that! Is it open to the public?

  2. I need to see this post out of the office! (blocked mga phtos 😦 )….old house????…:-)

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