Top 5 reasons why I travel

I wanted to explore the world starting in my own 🙂

The traveler in me wanted to justify, for the sake of inspiration, the top five (5) reasons I have why I travel and value it to as much as I can while on the road. There were many already on the travel blogging sphere who shared their reasons and to some extent, we shared the same reasons or not, but the following are my reasons why I value travelling since I wanted to give myself the better chance of looking at the world beyond the borders I traversed in life and beyond the office cubicle I thrive each day since I started working.

Here are the lists of my top five (5) reasons why I travel and value it.

  1. I wanted to travel to inspire – Much as I wanted to be inspired by the countless stories of travels I read on my favorite blog sites, I also would want to inspire my readers through which I travel and write. I am not claiming, an ounce of expertise in the field of photography however, the ones I took were replete with those needed for my travel blog and that alone, inspires me to inspire others. Also, the reasons of whether local or overseas travels are what matters from the onset of my travels immensely influenced me to travel and inspire. I still have tons of places to explore and share locally and more obviously, overseas. These alone are enough to travel to inspire.
  2. I wanted to capture the world– capturing the world through experiencing them is totally a new horizon conquered for me when I started travel blogging. I have seen it through which I experience by talking to the locals, eating their delicacies and their food, listening to their ingenious music and reading their books. One experience I have had while in Beijing, I bought books being sold at the university grounds. Who would have believed that I can buy a Holy Bible, inside China and this one is written in Chinese with English translations. Capturing the world is beyond the photographs you took or the journal entries you write, it is in being able to experience how locals live their daily lives, away from the gliteratti of commercial tourism. That to me is reason enough to see the world.

    “Our travels are the tapestry of life!” – Dr. Wends

  3. I want to make a difference – traveling makes one cosmopolitan, as I observed. It broadens how you see your present world and supplement it with inspiring anecdotes you can bring home. Through my overseas travels, I learn to observe how immigration kiosks and personnel vary in the conduct of their work. Some were courteous, some were not. Some airports were outlandishly huge while others were not. Some travelers felt at ease in airlines while others were not. These observations is what inspire me to also make headway locally, sharing those insights through which I write on my blog and hoping it creates the spur of inspiring thoughts to improve. I say out loud what my country lacks in comparison to others which I visited, not to mock where I came from, but to draw which best practices can also be implemented here. If Hong Kong can very well cater to a growing number of people in their subway trains, so does can Japan which can be an inspiration to the Philippines. If what they are doing in Cambodia and Vietnam is done so in the Philippines, perhaps, we can reshape our tourism value, potentials and our advertising stunts.
  4. I want to share – many travelers who have travelled and seen the world have shared their travails to their families and friends but I want to share more. Like them, I captured it and perhaps, written about it however, through my blog, I share them to the farthest extent of the world where the power of the internet reaches anyone and virtually just anyone. My blog is the vehicle for me to do just that, make the travel experience an inspiring one through which I share thoughts to my readers from Africa to Latin American, the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, from Arabia to Helvetica and from the Philippines to Kenya. My readers are everywhere, and I wanted to share with them the joys I gained, the many reflective journeys and I did which help shaped me to become who I am today.
  5. I want to travel to write and write to travel –One of the best niches a traveler like me would be to travel the world to write and to be able to write to travel. It is still my dream to write to a decent travel magazine, with or without pay and that dream may be as far as I could muster, I honed my skills by the many things I see, ponder and write about. It is still my dream too, to be able to write about particular interesting places where people learn to appreciate life, how people lived there and how one can enjoy their travails in that part of the world. This dream is what drives me to continue to travel in order to write and writing does liberates me from the ruthless boredom of life living it in the conundrum of a career-driven society.

    “Every sunrise we wake up to is another day to explore the world!” – Dr. Wends

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16 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons why I travel

  1. Berto Katuray

    I want to travel to take pictures like those you have here… tapos sabe “kuha ko yan!” 🙂

  2. Great reasons Doc Wends! But don’t shortchange yourself when you finally have that chance to write for a travel magazine, don’t give your services for free, you spend thousands of pesos going to your destination, make it worth your while. 🙂

    • that will come in handy Christian as we all have our chances in the sun so to speak but for now, that elusive dream still is the reason why I travel and write and share too.

      It is by doing so that i also defined myself as a person and as man. 🙂

  3. “I wanted to travel to inspire”

    Also my number 1 reason why I travel and decided to put up a blog 🙂
    Nice blog post! 🙂

    – Kaiye

  4. Love the reasons that you have given to travel but I especially like the one “Travel to inspire”. Great photos too 🙂

  5. Awesome reasons, that alone doesn’t need for us to romanticize traveling, its just for the love of doing it, living our life, seeing the world and paving the road for others to at least try the life of a traveler.

  6. Great article! Travel does change a lot of aspect of my life as well. Just can’t get enough of it. Looking forward to more of your travel adventures!

  7. Great article! I love your words of wisdom! They really were inspiring!

  8. wow! What a list! With your words and curiosity to see the world, landing on a writing gig on a decent travel magazine is very much possible 😉

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