The story of the strings: Pura Vida

Pura Vida bracelets which I bought from Costa Rica

Travel makes one cosmopolitan in a way and manner accustomed to the nomadic tribes in the past and a lighter way to rekindle myself towards my passion for traveling is in the accessories I wear. Of late, I was introduced to Pura Vida bracelets by a dear someone and a student in the university I gave a lecture on travel blogging. Since then, I had been an avid Pura Vida bracelet user and I wear it since it was first tied on my wrist and it does not comes off from then.

Pura Vida bracelets with my silver ring I bought in Cambodia

Pura Vida which means pure life is an artisan’s craft and is fresh from a surfing community in Costa Rica, in Latin America. I have seen bracelets being worn by surfers and celebrities as well as a handful of travelers and if one wears a Pura Vida, it is easy to spot them right in an instant. The bracelet comes in different themes and a standard P in caste-silver is hung on every bracelet to authenticate it.

It started when two young men went on a stroll in a beachside community in Costa Rica and they saw artisans selling bracelets and anklets to surfers and tourists. They negotiated an arrangement where the artisans grouped together to make a communal business called Pura Vida. It spread like wild-fire from then on and has even conquered the fashion world and Hollywood.

My Pura Vida bracelet is a year old already and I ordered it online at You can buy a wide array of theme-bracelets and for women who loves to be on Pura Vida without sacrificing fashion styles, you can have a feast to your eyes. Pura Vida bracelets have more to give you and a portion of its proceeds go to charity.

Pura Vida bracelets and the scent I wear 🙂

Of late, I ordered online a new IPhone case made by Pura Vida as well as paired Tree of Life necklace. When visiting their site, I also saw that they have a new theme for their bracelets, and it is Sandy where part of the price proceeds go to the Red Cross who helped provide assistance after Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast.

As they say, you are what you wear and for me, I am glad I wear Pura Vida. It provided me the direct link from where I am now to where the artisans crafted the bracelets I wear in the community of Costa Rica. I say, it is rather nomadic and chic.

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2 thoughts on “The story of the strings: Pura Vida

  1. I like stuff like this especially if money from proceeds goes to help out a cause. I regards to strings bracelets, my wife usually gives me one from one of the temples in Thailand for good luck and that never comes off of my wrist as well. I fact, I have had one on for a few years now that I also had on in Iraq. It is starting to fray and a string broke so it’s coming apart. I feel kind of sad because it has been with me for a long time and through it all, especially Iraq, it has brought me good luck. 🙂

    • yes Tim and that binds me together with them as I wear them on my wrist. I am sure that one you had for many years protected you and kept you from harm’s while on duty to Iraq. Just keep it even if you decide to take it off and save it as memento of those years well spent serving us and sustaining us in our efforts to sustain our freedom everywhere.

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