Foodporn: Hito of Davao

The famous hito of Davao City

One of the fascinating adventure one can do while in Davao City is the opportunity to try out their best gastronomic delights and nowhere in the area can one find the succulent blend of coconut and fish than the one I found on the roadside cafeteria on our way back to Bukidnon.

The roadside restaurant I ate hito in Davao City

The experience was superb and the tastes of fish soften by the coconut milk as well as curry powder made the meal a different blend of its own. This viand is what I ordered and came back for another one. Not having to worry about my gallstone (as coconut milk often triggers pain for my gallbladder), I ate a hearty portion until I am filled.

Davao is also known for great fruits but I am impressed of this gastronomic finds. When you heads down, make sure you get this.

The best viand I ate in Davao City             

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8 thoughts on “Foodporn: Hito of Davao

  1. ay hito… mukhang masarap cya kapag curry ah… hmmmm… this makes me wanna try hito kahit hindi ako kumakain ng hito… hehehe!

  2. I love it deep fried but seeing your photos made me want to try the curry-style.

  3. Haven’t tried that yet. Then again, when I go home to the provinces, we always have deep sea fish, yung mga tinatawag na isda sa bato. Hito is unheard of in my town 😀

  4. Leiannah

    im gonna try this.lulutuin ko to for dinner namin ngaun 🙂 thanks sa blog

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