Journeys and Travels Blog Holidays Giveaways

Journeys and Travels

Journeys and Travels

It is a great feeling that my travel blog, Journeys and Travels has reached its second milestone as a vehicle of inspired hideaways, travel thoughts and ideas as well as travel photography. I have officially been blogging for all my travels in December 2010, at the onset of a tumultuous transition of my life and the unending opportunities whereby I had been inspired by so many great travel bloggers who have imparted vital tips for me to grow in this niche and find my own self in the process.

As a show of warm gesture for the blog anniversary which I am fortunate to celebrate with you my great and adoring friends and followers, I am giving away special tokens of appreciation, simple yet meaningful to me as a travel blogger. Wanting to pass on inspiration to the would-be travel bloggers in you, I am giving away to the lucky two (2) winners, the following gifts:

The top-most winner will receive one (1) Spyder wrist watch and the next top-most winner will receive one (1) Globe 4G broadband internet stick.
In order to be eligible for this blog holiday giveaways, please observe this mechanics:


This contest runs officially from December 2, 2012-January 2, 2013. Winners will be announced on January 5, 2013. This contest is only VALID in the Republic of the Philippines.

Winners will automatically be notified through rafflecopter results which handle the collating and selection of winners for this contest. They will be notified by FB page announcement and Twitter mention announcement.

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5 thoughts on “Journeys and Travels Blog Holidays Giveaways

  1. I don’t have a WordPress acct.

  2. Is this to people living in the Philippines only?

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