Top 5 tips for a happier life

Appreciating Lake Apo in Bukidnon, in the Philippines

As there many among us want to find our way to a better and happier life and as we are about to end the year 2012 and usher in 2013 with much prospects for a better life, the question just nags me and made me find the humble answers I would like to share with you. This is not at all related to careers or relationships as I have chosen the road less of us took in finding our lives back and getting so to speak, our ability to bounce up!

The Vin Trang Pagoda in Vietnam

Here are the top 5 tips I have mustered which guided me to a happier life and wish that you will take it every measure it deserves.

  1. Be on the road – The suggestion is to be taken quite literally and figuratively so to speak. I honestly will tell you that I have not found my life, a happier life while sitting on my desk trying to come out with something only so few can benefit from and definitely, staying on the desk for an awful length of time deprives me of fresh ideas and inspiration. I have found my happiness while on the road, whether on a weekend escapade or longer-than-usual jaunts. Nonetheless, the road leads you to a better and happier life for it opens door for you to see and new adventures you can take on life’s horn with. The desk gives you money but the road gives you life!
  2. Count the miles not the piles– stressors are found not on the road or the fanciful thoughts about counting actual road miles and experiencing roadblocks but rather, on the piles and piles of work done and the deadlines beaten. At the end of every day, you get to work yes but for whom? Counting the miles makes you widen your horizon and opens door for new opportunities where life experiences are richer than those spent counting the piles of documents, attending meetings and answering phone calls. All of us got only one body and to better spend it, one needs to unwind and recharge those spent energy. When we drive ourselves too much too often while on the desk, we gather no miles but piles and piles of hard work which is rewarded nothing but with fleeting monetary successes and most commonly leads to stressors. After a day’s work, give yourself moments to count the miles and reward yourself for when you die, the piles will not give you the best miles!

    Young ladies at the public square outside the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  3. Eat and meet with strangers – eating with boring co-employees will give you nothing but boring experiences. The best adventure in life which makes you happier and livelier is getting the seat share with a local or stranger in a new place and bantering on how good food contributes to greater life. As we always observe, men and women spent most time chatting after every hearty meal but try to analyze the quality of your conversations, while common people talks about common topics, getting to dine and meet strangers on the road gives you a breather to life. It refreshes your memory, your geography and your ability to recall the crazy things you did while on the road of life. If you want a happier life, stay away from the mundane, believe me, strangers whom you share a hearty meal gives you precious little moments of bliss and of wisdom which stokes you to explore more.
  4. Unlearn what you learn – Yes you got a double degree, a law degree or a PhD but so what? The world does not care about what you learn but how you were able to unlearn the things you learn the wrong way to make it to a more fulfilling life. The cluttering statuses of what we learn sometimes hugely affected the way we look at how to make our lives a better one. When you started to travel, your learning and those you learned are constantly validated and mostly, challenged. It will surprise you that your degree will never match up the skill and genuine interests of a local whose lives are connected to where they live life. A farmer can teach you to plow and a fisherman teach you to row and these little vignettes teach you more than you really already knew. When you learn to unlearn while on the road, your life simplifies and it amplifies happiness more than your symbols, titles and statuses beholds.
  5. The road teaches you contentment  – contentment is key to a happy life, no arguments needed so to speak but one never gets contented unless he is on the road which leads to nowhere familiar but to new adventures. Contentment speaks of our drive to seek those new adventures while willing to let go of those we have already experienced and saw on the road. The moment you embark on a travel, every destination is a first-come-last-stop type unless you so planned to come back ergo, it breeds contentment in your heart and cherished memories fosters no greater life than well-live ones and happier jaunts drives a great life.

The facade of the Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 tips for a happier life

  1. gretchen

    as it is, im more happy with the road im taking these since 2004 when i started my own business … teaching small kids how to read their first word …cvc words … so to speak … these kids make me feel young at heart again teaching them is a blessing for me coz i felt so proud that they were getting their first cvc words with me … i go on the road all the time coz its home service … i often see their yayas rarely but only a handful mommies i talk with about the progress of each particular child im teaching … i promised u its never a dull moment teaching kids ranging 3.6-5 years old …i have learn in life alot thru the eyes of these kids … an innocence in them which is something to behold while they are young … yes indeed i found happiness in my work now rather than my 20 years of service in a law firm but it taught me alot from my raw life to a fulfilled professional life … but the best part is now working with kids whom i help with their journey with life as they grow older to the next level of their life – elementary years … yes wends this is what i call life a glorious one and its my best years of my life … 🙂

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