Photo Sunday: Incense it!

A young Vietnamese man lights an incense at the Thien Hau Temple in Saigon

I have just been fascinated with the scents of the incense in many Chinese temples I have visited and here, I went to the famous Thien Hau temple in Saigon, in the heart of Chinatown. This young man offers his prayers through his lighted incense and placing them carefully on the mound where other incense created the best ambiance for prayer and serenity. This photo speaks of how religion still resonates in many communities in Southeast Asia and I am proud to have captured it.

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5 thoughts on “Photo Sunday: Incense it!

  1. Hi there! Amazing blog… we are currently in Saigon as well, and I wanted to ask you what do you recommend to see here? Any tips? 🙂 Thank you! Safe travels!

    • oh, I missed Saigon so much already. I went there to spend my New Years this year and been a great experience. If you scroll down on my blogs, at the bottom of this page, you will see the Vietnam posts I have made and you can see them already where tos and how tos.

      anyways, I suggest you go to Cao Dai temple, stroll around Saigon, of course, Notre Dame Cathedral and the nearby Post Office is a must. The Saigon City Hall is a cool too. Go to take on the tour of the Upper Mekong Delta too, you will love it.

      Enjoy Vietnam!

  2. stunning photo.. I wish to visit Vietnam…

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