Top 5 annoying habits on the road

tourists outside the Ma Ge Temple in Macau

Backpacking trips and vacations are oftentimes marred and travelers forever scarred because of the acts of people around them or even the travelers themselves unknowingly. In the world of traveling, it is prudent to keep a modest disposition of places, peoples and cultures at the minimum or if appropriate, keep to oneself. There are habits however which are deemed a nuisance to others especially on the trip like you are. Remember, the ultimate reason why you travel is to get to enjoy life and not to be annoyed by a stranger whom you have not even dreamed of meeting in a foreign place.

Here are the five (5) annoying habits I have observed while on the road. I hope you recognized them too.

  1. Read between the lines – This are behavior which annoys even me. It is when people comments further and sometimes, argue on what you have just uttered or remarked. If you appreciated the destination’s history, there are people in a group or nearby who can raise hell of a comment directed towards you and engages you to a word tussle. The least I want to be on the road is being argumentative on a culture, society and people far remote from my own and which requires immersion than interpretation. If you see them, avoid them instantly. They will drain your energy. Of course, there are friendly discussion but always manage to stop when the goings gets hot.
  2. I know the map – There are people who always portray themselves as the travel messiah to you when you are lost or if the group is lost. They will reassure you that they know to read the map even if the texts are in Chinese or in Japanese and both of you neither reads nor speaks the language. Avoid them and instead, find your way through a local. They know better than your-all-too-knowing-map-reader.
  3. Beer bragging – This happens in pubs everywhere. When one gets hold of a ice-cold beer, the next conversation is which beer is the best and from which place. The annoying part of this is that it never stops unless you suddenly love the same beer at the same time. Beer bragging are for those who think traveling is just a sit in a pub anywhere in the world and getting to talk about nothing but beer.
  4. Time dragger – There are people in any group, even among your friends who loves to be the last to be called in into the bus. Ladies usually are the ones who are perennially guilty of this. If the beauty regimen requires an hour to make you up, then wake up two hours prior to call time. The time draggers are the last to come into the bus from the destination you went to sightsee or the last person to come out of the hotel room.
  5. Follow-me flag – This travel attitude portends leadership of the pack of tourists or backpackers. In a sea of strangers, it is so easy to spot the leader of the group and those who wants to assume the follow-me flag attitude. Give this to the guide not to the tourists like you and if you see anyone, remind them you are following the same guide and no need for another ego-tripping leadership maniac. In travelling, it is not about leadership rather, it is about consensus.
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10 thoughts on “Top 5 annoying habits on the road

  1. Heheh guilty ako sa time dragger, pero di dahil nag aayos pa sa room. Last lagi dumating kasi laging overtime sa pag picture haha 😀

  2. This is why I love traveling solo. I can be as late as I want and nobody would mind 😉

  3. Though i can relate as i experienced most of those “annoying” habits… i just smile and look at them as a funny picture on the road…I charged it to experience… hahaha

  4. Maybe, partly I am a time dragger especially in taking photos in a certain place. Busy reading the tablets mounted on a stone or walls. :-).

  5. I hate the leader pack, one who tends to (pretend) to know the place. I’d rather travel with people as clueless as I am so we all discover the place together.

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