Photo Sunday: Blessed Holidays

The Goddess at the Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong

As we are about to celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ in our lives and world, let me wish you ahead with the message of a blessed holidays. This is the photo of a Goddess I took while visiting the famous Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong. This inspires me so much as the figure provided me peace, serenity, contentment and reflection which I sought for the year that is about to end and wish you will also find your love, your peace, your prosperity and be the abode of tranquility in this rather chaotic world.

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6 thoughts on “Photo Sunday: Blessed Holidays

  1. Blessed holidays to you Doc! Hope to see you again in 2013. Much better if I get to visit your hometown.

    • oh, that will be exciting. You will have a home here and dont worry, as with the rest of the PTB who visited Pagadian, my home is yours too.

      Happy Holidays to you, Shervin and Luna 🙂

  2. have a blissful Christmas Doc Wends! 🙂 amishoo! hugs!

  3. Merry Christmas, Doc Wends! Hope to meet you some time!

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