Top 5 Travel Roadblocks in your life

American student visiting the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia

In this modern age and time, stress and stressors abound our daily lives. Whether you are a business executive, an entrepreneur, a staff-worker, a retired employee, a wife, a student  and the list keeps getting lengthier each time I mention careers and people. Time and again, there are ways in coping with our stress and to some, traveling just makes life bearable and a breather. Even as we see life as a gift to be spent wisely amidst the chaotic world we so choose to live in, we owe it to no one but ourselves that a break should be enjoyed every once in a while.

We are in agreement that a travel makes your day and time well spent off in the beach, in the cabin by the woods, by the waterfalls or in fancy restaurants where you eat to your heart’s delight however, as I share you about how important travel to your life is, there are roadblocks and these has to be seen and addressed before you embark on that dream destination and your most favored escape. Otherwise, no travel will be taken meaningfully.

  1. “I don’t have the money and travel is expensive” mantra –  who said that travel has to be exhilaratingly expensive and you will feel nauseous counting how much dime and penny goes to this and to that which is related to your travel? Travels I will share to you is needless be expensive unless you wanted to live the high maintenance life of a casino-goer out to hit on the jackpot on the road. There are affordable options that still give you the same experience, the same vista, the same lifetime happiness. Just travel within your means and live by it. After all, a trip to Paris will be romantic but if your means will not allow you the romanticism experience, why not go to a secluded farm of a friend or perhaps drive to the nearby beach where the vista of the sunset is as romantic as the famed lights of Paris.
  2. “My mommy says I am not to talk to strangers! attitude” – this is perhaps the most confidence-robbing antics our parents tell us when we were children growing up apparently to protect us from bad influences however, when not validated as we grow up, it will ruin our chances of enjoying our life’s travels. The best manner and way to get to know other people and understand how they live their lives apart from our very own is through travelling and this is the only sane way possible without getting too much of a hassle. Meeting strangers along the road widens your horizons and this will definitely make the best life for you. If you will have this kind of mantra in your life, then I suggest you have to go out more often, and get that life back!
  3. “I miss the desk beat a lot! Attitude” – In traveling, who told you that you need to get out of your desk permanently and be the hobo you wanted to be when deep inside you, you yearn for that corporate ladder and the attendant promotions. Travelling can be done on your vacation leaves and when you do file for it, don’t stay in your homes but rather go out and get away. You need to recharge and re-focus your career and your goals. After all, the best medicine for work-related stress is travelling.
  4. “I am not a stowaway! Mantra” – As I grew up watching those people surrounding me, the most fulfilled and happy ones have tried being a careless traveler and adventure seeker when they are young. You need to get out of your comfortable bed, your house, your car and your career to be able to feel how it is without it. The road teaches you humility and traveling teaches you completeness. If you shun it for the wants in the world, you will miss more of life.
  5. “My Mum does not want me to!” attitude – When we were kids, we were told to always hold on to our parents especially our mothers for security reasons but that one too has to be validated when one gets into adulthood. You will never be seeing the best of the world when you are forever shrouded in your parent’s overprotective custody. When will you think you are old enough to travel then? I tell you, when you get pass into retirement age, you will be looking at the world differently when you were young so when you are able, travel and ignore this attitude. After all, when you are confident enough to say HELLO to the world, your parents will be proud and confident in you too.

These roadblocks hit us like thunder and sometimes, we balk at the thought of liberating ourselves from our stress and stressors. Worse, some people would prefer to stay where they are and when they see their friends travelling, they will be envious. Remember, we live the choices we make in our lives and no matter how we live our lives according to what we dreamed about, without sensible retreats, life gets boring.

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