Prospecting 2013, glad tidings!


As we are to capped our fruitful year 2012, where we have gained insights and reflected on how much we are blessed, have inspired many on the road and getting inspired in return, I would like to share with you my dearest my heart’s desire for the coming year 2013.

The moments are countless and endless so let us take life at its horns and rally forward.

  1. Re-launching my travel blog – You will be surprised at how my blog has evolved and I want that the coming year will be more forward-looking and stable, in terms of its impact and design. I have commissioned a great artist and graphic designer to do my NEW travel blog. It will be a different experience for 2013 and beyond. This blog has touched many countless people, friends and strangers alike, so the content and style remains though in addition, it will be filled with photos and massive photos.
  2. Attempt at travel portraiture – I have been inspired by a young photographer who captured Twilight series ads and this guy has inspired me to do this as he did it best. I know I will not be comparable to his output and gears but this one is a step towards a more liberating approach to travel photography and portraiture;
  3. Travels – I have lined up travels, near and far, weekends and escapes, to afford me the opportunity to get me recharged and propped up for another chance to be on the road. It is endless, I know and those who travels and write, knows this by heart.

By far, this is will be my 2013 on the web and off-the-web, I will still be active doing researches as a PhD to enable me to continually contribute my expertise in education and help in formulating policies towards that end. I missed doing researches and being able to help aspiring masterand and doctorate students and this year, I hope to give back again to MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology; to Lyceum of the Philippines University, and La Salle University, all my Alma Mater. My contribution will revolved around these institutions of higher learning as they molded me to become who I am today.

I wish that your 2013 be as rewarding as the years that have passed and I wish you the constancy of good cheer and positive strides and carry on with life as we both face the unknown with a dose of confidence and prayerful anticipation.

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8 thoughts on “Prospecting 2013, glad tidings!

  1. Woot I’m excited for you, Doc! hope to travel with you again this 2013. Bitin ang ating Pangasinan trip hehe 😀

    • I am wishing for that too Mica. Lets travel in 2013 and Happy New Year! 🙂

      thanks for meeting up in 2012 and my Pangasinan trip was memorable because of you and the rest.

  2. Cant wait to see the new skin of your blog Doc!! By the way, I think your domain isn’t pointed correctly with your WordPress blog, it still shows URL rather than

    I hope the URL would be fixed as well as soon as you relauch your blog 😉 HAPPY NEW YEAR Doc!!

  3. soloflightEd

    Excited for you as well Wends! Congrats and happy new year! Glad to have met you this year btw!

  4. Cheers to the long journey ahead. 🙂 Happy New Year, Doc.

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