About Journeys and Travels

Wait, this is not a TRAVEL AGENCY!

After barely eight months writing seriously about journeysandtravels give me a new fresh perspective of my place in the milieu of the world and those who had been a part of my life. This is the new Journeys and Travels that remains to be at the heart of everyone reading my blog posts which are focused more lucidly on journeys and travels.

Journeys and Travels is a collection of my thoughts, featuring some amateur and professional photographs taken by some of the rising photographers as well as pro-photographers from the Philippines. Rest assured that I am patronizing Filipino raw talent and artistry. Journeys and Travels also has evolved into somewhat serious travelogue and travel blog which contains vignettes of the places I have visited over the years and those that I will pursue.

Dr. Wendell Glenn Cagape is the owner of this blog JourneysandTravels and wishes everyone the nicest read from the journeys of one’s life to the travels one has to take in his lifetime. We will be there! See you there! Read you here!


20 thoughts on “About Journeys and Travels

  1. alex hendrix

  2. Thank you for this video on my blog. Thanks again

  3. Hello, i found your website because a friend of mine knows it, i love it can you whrite more articles please πŸ™‚

  4. emp


  5. Great blog, Dr. Wends. I’m now a fan. πŸ™‚ (- Chito of PTB)

  6. 5 Star for this Blog Brother : ) Life is a Sport … a Journey indeed!

  7. Great Blog Dr. Wends.. I just found a new must read blog. consider me one of your fans..

  8. wow! i just found a gem!:)

  9. Awesome blog, Dr. Wends! Been following you on twitter for a while, and reading your posts as well. πŸ™‚

  10. Nice blog Dr. Wends! Newest follower here. Keep blogging!

  11. john trembley

    I know you, man, lol

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