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2013: Walk. Life. Hope


In a few hours from this writing, we bid 2012 with great reflections, inspirations and good cheer and prospectively anticipates a fun-filled, adventure-laden and inspirational 2013 to make us live longer meaningfully. I say this in the light of uncertain in the coming year and as we petition for a good life, it is up entirely to us to better live it with gut-feel and confidence as well as taking our past as our blueprints for the future. With manifold zeal and un-chartered desires, we embark on new challenges and hope that life will be meaningful and amazing. Continue reading

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Prospecting 2013, glad tidings!


As we are to capped our fruitful year 2012, where we have gained insights and reflected on how much we are blessed, have inspired many on the road and getting inspired in return, I would like to share with you my dearest my heart’s desire for the coming year 2013.

The moments are countless and endless so let us take life at its horns and rally forward. Continue reading

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Top 5 Travel Roadblocks in your life

American student visiting the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia

In this modern age and time, stress and stressors abound our daily lives. Whether you are a business executive, an entrepreneur, a staff-worker, a retired employee, a wife, a student  and the list keeps getting lengthier each time I mention careers and people. Time and again, there are ways in coping with our stress and to some, traveling just makes life bearable and a breather. Even as we see life as a gift to be spent wisely amidst the chaotic world we so choose to live in, we owe it to no one but ourselves that a break should be enjoyed every once in a while. Continue reading

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