Prospecting 2013, glad tidings!


As we are to capped our fruitful year 2012, where we have gained insights and reflected on how much we are blessed, have inspired many on the road and getting inspired in return, I would like to share with you my dearest my heart’s desire for the coming year 2013.

The moments are countless and endless so let us take life at its horns and rally forward. Continue reading

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8th Philippine Bird Festival-Manila Bay

The 8th Philippine Bird Festival, the country’s largest celebration of avifaunal diversity and bird lore awareness, takes wing on December 7 in the City of Manila and will bring attention to Manila Bay and the important role this plays in the East Asian Flyway.

Themed “Birdwatching. It’s More Fun in the Philippines” this year’s festival will highlight the Little Egret, a common migrant that congregates in the Coastal Lagoons on the southern coast of Metro Manila during the northern winter, and the endemic Philippine Duck, whose remnant population in the Philippine capital is threatened by reclamation and property development plans in that part of Manila Bay. Continue reading

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Top 7 Lessons I Learn from Traveling

a quote to travel by

There are horizons to conquer as we choose to be on the road and while we are doing it, we encounter instances where we find lessons, anecdotes and experiences which helped mold us to become a seasoned-traveler and graduate us from the novitiate of travelling and with a rugged backpack, we choose to dwell on the lessons rather than the pitfalls.

The list I presents to you is a personal encounter I have had on the road and the lessons were handpicked from memory where I dwell to inspire. Continue reading

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