Photo Sunday: Blessed Holidays

The Goddess at the Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong

As we are about to celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ in our lives and world, let me wish you ahead with the message of a blessed holidays. This is the photo of a Goddess I took while visiting the famous Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong. This inspires me so much as the figure provided me peace, serenity, contentment and reflection which I sought for the year that is about to end and wish you will also find your love, your peace, your prosperity and be the abode of tranquility in this rather chaotic world.

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Photo Sunday: Purity at the temple

A religious follow of the CaoDai sect attends to his religious commitment in Vietnam

On a jaunt to Vietnam, I went to the famous CaoDai Temple and this is what I saw and immortalized here. This faithful man walks from his residence to attend the noon-time ceremony inside of the CaoDai Temple. As in most temples I have visited, people surrounding it exudes reverence and their faith which is inspiring and reflective. Humility is also shown in this through the man’s gesture before the imposing influence of the temple on his life and so with society.

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Photo Sunday: Incense it!

A young Vietnamese man lights an incense at the Thien Hau Temple in Saigon

I have just been fascinated with the scents of the incense in many Chinese temples I have visited and here, I went to the famous Thien Hau temple in Saigon, in the heart of Chinatown. This young man offers his prayers through his lighted incense and placing them carefully on the mound where other incense created the best ambiance for prayer and serenity. This photo speaks of how religion still resonates in many communities in Southeast Asia and I am proud to have captured it.

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