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The changing era of remembering the dead in the Philippines

The cross at the San Vicente Church ruins in Pangasinan

Many years passed, the solemnity of remembrance of the dead is never disturbed by the nuances of what we see today in many cemeteries across the country. There is an apparent change of the entire Filipino’s take on the events to be remembered for those who have long gone and passed on. Instead of remembering, we celebrate. To some, celebration of life of the loved departed will be most appropriate but others have also used it as an occasion to celebrate reunions of sort, right at the heart where grief and sorrow was felt many years passed. As I have seen it, many have made the occasion to change the way we remember the dead and replace it with a borrowed culture so distorted. Continue reading

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Paco Cemetery: Manila’s finest irony

The Paco Church inside the cemetery grounds

A historic trail in the City of Manila yields historic places such as churches and cemeteries, Paco included in the lists among the best. If one looks at the historic, the grandiose and the vulgar, Paco cemetery is the place to see. Nestled in the heart of Manila, near its historic thoroughfares, Paco Cemetery that is today is flamboyant compared to its past. Though this is where the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal was buried for 16 solemn years and also, the solemn final resting place of the esteemed three friars, GOMBURZA; today, Paco cemetery is all but a prime venue for princely weddings, debuts, concerts and pre-nuptial photo-shoots. Continue reading

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Meet the Backpackers: Steve Hanisch

Journeys and Travels once again feature an awesome backpacker with the best travel video and the best travel blog by far. He is Steve Hanisch of . He has a commanding prose on his travel stories and a jolly disposition as he inspires us endlessly.

Hereunder are the replies of Steve to our interview. Continue reading

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