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Dr. Wendell Glenn P. Cagape can be reached in his email address at and mobile number 09336954031.

Dont worry, I check my mails and answers my phone.



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  1. Howsoever you arranged for it, your tour will be the same – a grand look around the various natural and man-made wonders of the place, PLUS a barrage of historical information you will itch to write every detail down on a notebook. Best if you bring your palm or XDA!

    I have taken this tour three times (in three years) and each of those times I got so excited and too absorbed into the sceneries, the stories and the histories about the place. While the tour guides impart basically the same information, there is always something else new that I discover (or remember for good)!

    First time I went was with a big tour group – a whole bus load of about 40 tourists. Second time I went there, I was traveling with a special friend – only the two of us! And the third time, I was with seven of my adventurous friends! In all those tours, wherever I asked, I always ended up with a professional tour guide. ‘Professionals’ meaning they were formally trained to be tour guides and they really know every inch of this place and every decade or era about this place! They are way too far from the hawkers of the Batangas Pier, or the boatmen of Boracay or those shabbily clad and sometimes even shirtless folks in Pagsanjan inviting you for a boat tour! Well, yes, the tourguides of Bohol can be compared to those of Corregidor – meaning professionally trained, speaking good English and have the proper decorum and care for the visitors’ safety, comfort, convenience and enjoyment – and not just for the visitors’ cash!

    I wish there is something like this anywhere I go in the Philippines. And these tour guides are no less accredited by the tourism department with their IDs prominently hung as outsized necklaces! In all those occasions, I arrived at this place from Cebu, but there will be not much of a variation if you jetted right into the island from Manila or wherever else.

  2. bigbug18

    gudevening sir…. thankz kayo sa pag invite nimo nako ani nga website….. dili pako kabalo mo use ani sir pa tudlo unya ko heheheheh

  3. I’m from Bismarck, North Dakota, U.S.A. and my wife lives in the City of Tangub, Cebu, Philippines. Tell me…..JUST HOW BAD IS IT regarding ALL THIS KIDNAPPINGS, like in IPIL, when they kidnapped that Australian, (Haven’t heard from him anymore)

    What CHANCE do I have of being KIDNAPPED…..if I visit my wife in Tangub? Sometimes, I tell her through YAHOO MESSENGER….that I don’t intend to VISIT her..if the SECURITY is that BAD. Or you can call me at: 701-214-5633

    I plan on making a second trip to Mactan, Cebu…..where my plane landed, and where she picked me up…..(The first time) on November 17, 2010…I DO WANT TO SEE HER…..but I don’t want to get KILLED in the process!

    How does it look for me. I’m am FAIR complexioned…and am an American. What chance do I have of coming out of this ALIVE!!

    Ralph J. Monasterio…

    P.S. Reply by email if you can.

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