Top 5 Travel Roadblocks in your life

American student visiting the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia

In this modern age and time, stress and stressors abound our daily lives. Whether you are a business executive, an entrepreneur, a staff-worker, a retired employee, a wife, a student  and the list keeps getting lengthier each time I mention careers and people. Time and again, there are ways in coping with our stress and to some, traveling just makes life bearable and a breather. Even as we see life as a gift to be spent wisely amidst the chaotic world we so choose to live in, we owe it to no one but ourselves that a break should be enjoyed every once in a while. Continue reading

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Photo Sunday: Blessed Holidays

The Goddess at the Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong

As we are about to celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ in our lives and world, let me wish you ahead with the message of a blessed holidays. This is the photo of a Goddess I took while visiting the famous Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong. This inspires me so much as the figure provided me peace, serenity, contentment and reflection which I sought for the year that is about to end and wish you will also find your love, your peace, your prosperity and be the abode of tranquility in this rather chaotic world.

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Top 5 annoying habits on the road

tourists outside the Ma Ge Temple in Macau

Backpacking trips and vacations are oftentimes marred and travelers forever scarred because of the acts of people around them or even the travelers themselves unknowingly. In the world of traveling, it is prudent to keep a modest disposition of places, peoples and cultures at the minimum or if appropriate, keep to oneself. There are habits however which are deemed a nuisance to others especially on the trip like you are. Remember, the ultimate reason why you travel is to get to enjoy life and not to be annoyed by a stranger whom you have not even dreamed of meeting in a foreign place. Continue reading

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