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Ancestry and Pedigree: The Lorenzo Ancestral House in Bukidnon

The Lorenzo Ancestral House in Bukidnon

On a visit to Dahilayan in the Province of Bukidnon, I hired the services of a habal-habal (motorcycle) driver who happens to be the barangay official of Dahilayan. Interested in open spaces rather than the zipline and the games they have at the park, I forgo these and check places of interests and gladly I was led to the unimposing but impressive historical landmark in Bukidnon, the house where the embattled former Agriculture Secretary once lived. The visit to the ancestral house gained for me a glimpse of what history has been crafted and left in this august house of a prominent landlord of Bukidnon. Continue reading

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Travels 223: The Balanced LIFE

Perhaps, one of the best ways to enjoy life is to pursue jaunts that bring us to places of our dreams, dream bigger than ourselves or continually chase our dreams after every sound sleep. I choose to enjoy my life through the many travels I pursue, both in the context of journeying through life with the aid of those others surrounding me and in the many travels I take which brings me to places I have never been, thereby earning for myself the opportunity to understand life that way it should be understood under such circumstance.

On a recent weekend trip to Dahilayan in the Province of Bukidnon, I came across rocks stacked together resembling a perfect balance, very similar to the ones we find in Zen gardens, only that these stones were placed near the dirt road I took. I fancied at the very sight of the balanced stones, simple rocks that are so imperfect, imbalance, raw and unorthodox yet places its meaningful existence to the very life we live each day.

The balanced life we seek each day is one that continually places ourselves, our soul and our dreams together in the scenario of giving. We give back to the family who love us by also showing concern and care. We give back to the lover who embraces us by also showing trust, confidence and fidelity above the virtues of loyalty, dependability and hope. We give back to the community who helped mould us by also caring for what our collective interests are above our own self-centered interests. We give back to those who read us by also ensuring that we take the extra effort at writing and taking every possible way to take on photography, capturing all essences, both practical and aesthetic, to promote the places we have been to and writing about. We give back inspiration because we were inspired too. We give back cheerfulness to the sullen spirit because, at one time, we are cheered up too.

The balanced life is one that fosters care, trust, sincerity, hope and inspiration. We balance our lives because we care more. We balance our lives because we dream more and is driven to achieve more, not only for ourselves but for those who came to stay with us. We balance our lives because we touched the lives of others because we too, were touched by simple and ordinary people, even strangers to awaken us to be better individuals.

Surely, as we seek out those who can balance our lives through love that one gains more because of openness and trust. We seek out those who can balance our lives because we places ourselves in the ordinary rocks, soiled and heavy with burdens but when stacked up, reaches to the heavens and braces for the winds. We may, at the end of the day, remains soiled, heavy with burdens and an ordinary rock, but through the dedication of our pursuits to what makes us truly happy that we get to be the more beautiful formations that promote unity, cohesiveness, grace and peace.

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Travels 210: The mountaintop bliss, Dahilayan Gardens and Resort

Going to Bukidnon, particularly to Dahilayan conjures adventure sports and those seeking thrill and the adrenalin rushing activities but there are far too many places I have had the chance to see other than the ziplines, the adventure and the pine trees.

Atop the mountaintop, I saw this white landmark associated with weddings and romance. I asked my habal-habal driver to bring me to the landmark. Manong Bibot (can be reached in his mobile 09162864637), who is a barangay kagawad of Dahilayan assured me I will get the nicest spot in all of Dahilayan which I seek. I told him that I am going to Dahilayan for the first time, to relax my mind, find my peace and be at peace with the world so chaotic, stressful and painful.

Nursing a wounded heart, I took off to Dahilayan Gardens and Resort to see the structure I associated with picture-perfect weddings on my lonesome. I went off, talked to the gracious staffs for me to be allowed access of the sprawling property and take Travey for a spin. We are never disappointed.

Even on a drizzle, I felt at peace with the Dahilayan Gardens and Resort. The manicured property is the best place for those nursing pains and wounds, both physically and emotionally. The fresh and crisp air gives you the best air for the weary lungs and the hearty walk promises a stress-free vista. The moment you come near the mountaintop where it is all in, you will leave all the worries behind, the stresses and the stressors.

Dahilayan Gardens and Resort is a sprawling property perfect for small parties and weddings, private weddings. The place is forever itched in my heart as the ultimate vista that reassured me that all will be well in me and that my journey will forever be one that leads me back to where I found my peace, in my heart.

And yes, I found my heart, my peace and my bliss.

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