2013: Walk. Life. Hope


In a few hours from this writing, we bid 2012 with great reflections, inspirations and good cheer and prospectively anticipates a fun-filled, adventure-laden and inspirational 2013 to make us live longer meaningfully. I say this in the light of uncertain in the coming year and as we petition for a good life, it is up entirely to us to better live it with gut-feel and confidence as well as taking our past as our blueprints for the future. With manifold zeal and un-chartered desires, we embark on new challenges and hope that life will be meaningful and amazing.

Never promises something we can never predict as we usher in the New Year, I pray for you to have the courage, the strength and the hope that your year 2013 will be kinder to your dreams and that it will make you the best you wanted to be. It is my ardent prayer too that you and your loved ones will see great life ahead and in the company of the road more often, may you find your way to where your heart is, with love and affection.


There is one important reminder though that whatever it is that you have failed to do in 2012, you still have another year to fulfill and I wish you all the blessings that you may be able to reach your stars and forget not to sprinkle it on us who look up to you as our inspiration, as always:

Happy New Year!


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6 thoughts on “2013: Walk. Life. Hope

  1. Happy New Year doc Wends! More travels, more blessings en Happiness.

  2. The Guy

    Happy New Year and thanks for such a warm blog post.

  3. soloflightEd

    Happy new year wends! Love the photos and their simplicity! More travels for you! 🙂

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